How to Play with a Ferret?

Ferrets are known for their playful nature. They are their entertainers, but when you also join their party, their joy transcends everything. Apart from being playful, they are very social and smart. They want to be around people. They want their humans to play with them and want their humans to give them love and attention. Even if you alienate them for a day, they get sad. That’s why it advised if you have ferrets as a pet, then do save some time for them. These little creatures thrive when they get attention from their masters.  There are so many toys available in the market, you can find and select the best ferret toys which work you.

Train your ferrets to climb

How to Play with a Ferret?

Ferrets are fidgety character, they love roaming around. Once, they know how to jump and climb over articles in your house. There will be lesser and lesser light moments for them. No matter what you want to learn or teach, learning requires tools. To train your ferret to climb, you need to have their attention. To seek their full attention, you need tools. A clicker is one of the best ferret toys available in the market to train ferrets jumping and running through stairs. All you need to do is catch their attention by clicker’s noise. Let them associate with the sound of the clicker as a signature of acknowledgement. Once they get it, they will automatically follow the sound of the clicker. Once they start following the sound, reward them with a treat.

Make them their walks remember

Ferrets being a social animal, they love interactions. They love the interaction with the outer world. When you take them out with you, they just love it. There is no doubt about the fact that they are vulnerable creatures. You can’t take the risk, when you are taking them out for a short walk in the park. If you want to take them out to walk comfortably, you need to train them. A harness is a very good tool for that, you can buy an H shaped harness which wraps around their body, not neck. H shaped harnesses are comfortable for ferrets. They are available in the accessories shop which you think is the best ferret toys shop according to you. The reason behind going for an H shaped harness is that it does not put any unnecessary pressure on the neck of ferrets.

Get them an Exercise Pen

If you have the feeling that your house is not safe enough for your ferrets to roam around, then getting them an exercise pen is not a bad idea. Exercise Pen is one of the best ferret toys available which give the ferrets liberty to do their stuff, their fun. Most of the ferrets love these pens. They love their personal space, and do what they feel like doing in there; they create their fun games inside these pens. You can give them treat, leave they are at their stuff. That will add to their excitement.

Employ their digging skills

How to Play with a Ferret?

Ferrets love digging. Digging comes very naturally to them. They just need a place to dig out and explore. If they get to play a game which aligns with their instincts, they would be excited about that. You can get some toy-sized balls from the store which you think is the best ferret toys store. Once you get the balls, you can play a ball finding challenge. All you need is a cardboard box and some random articles to hide the balls. If you can hide a treat as well, along with balls, it’s an icing on the cake. Make your ferrets find the balls; they will be just by the fact that they are getting something to dig out. Once they find their favourite balls inside and the treats as well. They are going to love this exercise.

Make them work for their treat

Ferrets are not only intelligent but also a very competitive creature. They love when they get something after an exercise which has challenged them. They employ their mental and physical ability very astutely. You can get some small tubes and boxes from the best ferret toys store in your locality. Make maize, using the tubes and boxes, and hide their favourite treat at the top of it. You can change the location of treats if the things get very predictable for them. Ferrets are one of those creatures who would rather love to find their treats this way, than getting it directly from your hand.

Add fun in their lives with battery-run toys

How to Play with a Ferret?

Globalisation has made electronic products so cheaper. So if you want to add some fun in the lives of your ferrets then you can buy some remote control toys from the best ferret toys store in your locality. Buy from a credible source. Some very good yet cheaper remote control toys are available in the market. Take your ferrets to some hard surface, and run these toys, it could be cars or any toy which runs smoothly on the surface. Make the ferrets chase the toys; don’t let them catch without tiling hard. Ferrets are a big fan of these chasing and digging exercises. These exercise/ games activate their instincts.

Playground tag

Playground tag is one such game that you can play with your ferrets which will ignite their preying instincts. Ferrets are very agile creatures; they can turn around and run very fast. And, they love all the activities and games which involve running and digging. They love to engage in physical activities. To play playground tag you do not need to go and find the best ferret toys shop. You do not need any specific tool to play this game. If you want to, you can take small-sized ball which your ferrets can easily grab in their mouth. Take the ball and run away from them, run far away. And place the ball. Once they get nearer to the ball place the little further. At the end be ready to surrender. These creatures get very happy when they succeed in these tiny pursuits.

How Much Do Hermit Crabs Eat?

This food for the hermit crabs is available in the form of a gel, pellet form, powdered form, or like the food of the canned dog. They are the crabs that almost eat anything who live in large groups being wild and perform their tasks best in the groups of three or more. Feeding your hermit is necessary to ensure that your crab is healthy and happy. It is a multi-faceted process to undertake but could prove to be an easy one also. Hermit crabs eat the pellet food, supplemented with vegetables and fruits.

The hermit crabs take very small bites and they eat very slowly and usually at night. As they go for the pellet food, sometimes the small crabs fail to eat that as they don’t have big claws to grab it. the hermit crabs eat very slowly and the small crabs usually feed on 1 teaspoon of powdered hermit crab food, or the pellets that are crushed into the powder form.

Do The Hermit Crabs Eat Everyday?

How Much Do Hermit Crabs Eat?

When you are in the process of feeding your crab, you must focus on the natural and the healthy food and they should not be given the processed foods. The natural food could include vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, nuts in their daily diet. They eat a wide variety of foods including the wood that has been decades, the fallen fruits, leaf litter, known to be omnivores also eat the plants and grasses as mentioned earlier that they almost eat everything. The hermit crabs have a very varied kind of diet. They eat the food that has the quality of calcium, carotene, and antioxidants. They have a quality form of diet but along with that your crab can and should have a variety of fruits also, probably including the mangoes, papaya, apple, banana, grapes, melon, and pineapple.

The size or the amount served to them does not matter actually as the crabs take its bites and being omnivores they are likely to enjoy the meat also just one thing you need to be sure of that there is no butter or any other sauce with the meat as it proves to be unhealthy for the crab.

How To Feed Your Hermit Crab?

How Much Do Hermit Crabs Eat?

You should make sure to provide your crab with proper foods and the correct type of water as it will largely affect the health of your hermit crab.

  • High-quality crab food: it means high quality of commercial food you should give to your crab as there are varieties of commercial foods that are available le in the market that can be used as a basis of your crab’s diet. As talked before you can choose any one type of food. the intake of organic food proves better for them as compared to the nonorganic food and avoid buying those commercial foods that have copper sulfate in it.
  • Food should be different colored and textured: hermit crabs are prone to eat a wide variety of food, as you should keep changing the menu for them as they prefer varieties. You can rotate the food items like between the mango or pineapple or between the green leafy ones.
  • Include wood in the diet: Hermit crabs love wood as they play on it and they also prefer eating it. The wood has one advantage as it doesn’t need replacing daily and it is easily available even outside your house. Several kinds of woods have their preference such as the birch, oak, ash, or the cholla.
  • Enough protein: hermit crabs eat a variety of food and they can eat like anything nut pone thing should be in your mind of giving them protein in their diets or the sources of protein should be included as animal protein, seafood.

 How Much To Feed a Hermit Crab?

You must have understood till now that the hermit crabs feed on the foods on a very large scale but they are not at all choosy with the food they eat. There is a way in which they easily locate their food by smelling it or by watching the other crabs eating it. your crabs can even eat the food that the humans eat.

Find the pellet form food that is appropriate for the size of your hermits to save them from choking on the large pellets. There is no need to worry about the amount of food your crab can eat as you can provide as much as the food that your crab is willing to eat. Although they tend to eat a lot still they can do without eating for many days, there is no fixed time. You offer them and they will eat when they will feel like.

Don ‘t make your hermit crabs eat commercial food too much, it should be changed always with the fresh foods. You offer your crab with different kinds of foods at the same time, and it will eat the food that has the stronger or better smell than the others.

Hand feeding

If you go for little practice you can try to hand feed your hermit crab. Use your right hand to bring the crab out of its shell and place the food near the crab. The first step that com, es is the ‘taste test’ by the crab as it sticks antenna inro the food and then place that antenna in its mouth. If it is liked he will bring his claws forward to grab the food and if the crab is not interested in the food, it will pinch the food by moving around it but won’t eat it. they operate on their metabolism, therefore you can never force the crab to eat the food if it is not hungry. The seashells in their tanks are considered the best hermit crab food for them.

Hence, with the details given above you can preferably keep a hermit crab, just keep in mind the necessary items and their amount to keep them healthy and happy.