Lessons, Instructors & Trainers

We offer English and Western riding lessons, although we specialize in perfecting the art of showing the Western Pleasure Horse.  Our program is designed to help riders gain control and confidence with their skills, whether they are at the beginning level, intermediate, or advance level.  If you are interested in pleasure trail riding, being a civil war Calvary reenactment participant, or being a contender in a local or to level show, our program can meet you needs.  Our qualified instructors take time to evaluate your skills to place you at the level which will benefit you the most.

Levels are:

   Beginner – Basic Care, grooming, leading, saddling, bridling and learning how to be in control of your mount including one rein stops.
   Intermediate – All of the beginning instructions plus safety tips so that you will enjoy trail riding and or local show competition.
   Advanced – All of the above instructions along with the fine tuning for competition.


Private Session (approximately 1 hour)        $35.00
Half Session for ages 6 and under (approximately 1/2 hour)        $20.00
Feel free to contact us for further information.

You will start with our beginning instructor, Carol Dickerson.

Carol Dickerson, Beginning Instructor

Your first lessons will be instructed by Carol.  You will begin by learning how to safely lead, groom, saddle and bridle one of our seasoned school horses.  You will be aboard during your first lesson.  While you are learning the basics of riding, you will also be learning that safety is our number one goal.

We require that the student wear a safety helmet as well as a hard sole shoe with a heel, preferably a boot.  We have helmets for you to use for your first few lessons.  Than we recommend you purchase an approved helmet.

We enjoy showing in Western events and specialize in these categories.  These events include Western Pleasure, Western Horsemanship, Western Riding and Trail.  We’ll  lease one of our school horses to students to show at one of the local shows if they are interested.  We travel to local shows and approved registered quarter horse shows that are within a 200 mile radius.

We also show in English classes.  These include English Pleasure, English Equitation, and Hunter Hack.

Our program also includes safety rules for trail riding.

  Instructors qualifications include:


   Trainers for more than 20 years


   Past NSBA approved Show Judge


   Past Pony’s of America (POA) approved Show Judge


   Past Open Show approved Judge


   Organizer and Past President of
Mid Maryland Horse 7 Pony Association


   Past President of Carroll Country Western Circuit


   MSQHA Board of Directors


   AQHA Trail Coordinator for MSQHA
1997 & 1998